Social card games is still available and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The ISBNs are listed in the footer of this website and most bookshops will order the book for you if you ask them, or you can search online. Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy, I hope you are enjoying the games. Sales are not high enough for me to stop seeking other work, but every book purchased is appreciated. Although I've been working in other sectors, recently I've been looking towards publishing again. A couple of ideas for my next book are taking shape – one is gaming related and the other is about craft and design. I don't plan to dedicate myself to either of them just yet. Writing and self publishing the book was a good project through recovery, lockdowns and social distancing, but it's lonely work. My short term plan is to work freelance, writing, editing, and other publishing services.

I have been working on some software to make future books a little easier to publish though. It builds on the file converters I wrote for Social card games and should make it easier to manage multiple formats and editions. It will be helpful for maintaining my website and blog feeds too. So I haven't given up on writing more books, it's just not the next step for me.

I'm not going to make big promises about what will appear on this blog over the coming year. But if I find the time and the confidence then I have some ideas for articles about craft – both digital and physical. Programming, crochet, cooking… I might put some short fiction or poetry up here too. If it becomes a real mixed bag I'll set up filtered atom feeds so you can subscribe to just the content you want. No promises on how much content there will be though. Until I can earn a living from writing I can't let it become too stressful.