Much still to be done.

If the book ‘Social card games’ already exists then why isn't it out yet? It does exist – I have both eBook and ready-to print advance versions on my PC and I'll be uploading them to IngramSpark very soon. In fact here's a sneak peak: sample.pdf. However, I've spent much of the last two weeks coming to terms with how much work still lies ahead.

The number one piece of advice I received when people found out I was writing a book was this: “don't even think about selling it until it's finished.” Now that I'm reading about how to sell it I keep seeing that advice listed on lists of what not to do – or of advice to ignore. I'm still not sure who's right about that. If I hadn't waited I could have started sending advance copies out about two months ago, but psychologically there is a lot to be said for breaking a problem down into smaller pieces. If publicising the book made me feel overwhelmed then that might have gotten in the way of finishing it.

There's not much point in ruminating about that now though. With this experience behind me publicity will be a much earlier consideration for my next book, but I'll never know for sure which route would have lead to an earlier or more successful release for this one. Much better to look forward – so how's my todo list looking?

Create a mailing list
You can already subscribe to the blog feed, but soon I'll make news available by email too.
Set a release date
I'm thinking late August or early September but I shall have to commit to a date soon.
Press kit
I need to add a page to this website to help any other writers who want to write about me or the book. Author bios, portrait photos, book description and metadata – everything they might want to reference in one convenient place. In time it should also be a place to collect testimonials, press cuttings, and to list any awards.
Upload to IngramSpark
The standard paperback version and the eBook will be first to upload, with a large print paperback planned later.
Press releases
If a site is put on the web and no one comes to see it, does it make things public? SEO can only get you so far – what search engines really look for is pages that are already well known enough to be linked to. There are media outlets out there that might well be interested in this book, in post-lockdown socialising, in traditional pastimes or in writing and publishing using FOSS. They can't ask me if they don't know I exist.
Send out advance copies
Which of course involves deciding who to send them to.
Offer pre-purchases
Pre-purchasing will be a great way to support the book. Not just sales but a sign of people's interest that might boost the confidence of book stores.
Format large print
I had planned to offer a large print edition in 9" × 13.5", which would have the same content on each page as the standard edition. But that trim size is no longer available on IngramSpark – did I imagine it? So I shall have to pick a new size, 8.25" × 11" perhaps, and let the page count increase.
Secure .com and domains?
There are other Ken Huttons out there but right now there is no page at and my browser gives security warnings if I try to go to I shall send a query to the registrar that sold the domains. Nothing wrong with, but I don't like the idea of readers being misled if they type the wrong address.

Then of course there are the unknown unknowns, things I will need to do that haven't occurred to me yet. But that's already plenty to be getting on with.